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How to Write Erotica

Every one of us was born a sexual creature.  We all have that in common. Yet despite its vital importance to our species and our surface celebration of its sheen, as a culture, we’re ashamed to acknowledge the erotic underbelly that’s been a part of human civilization forever.  Sex and money are the driving forces…

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Make a Living as a Self Published Author

10 Steps to Making a Living as a Self-Published Author

I never imagined myself as a fiction author. In fact, I never imagined myself as a writer at all. The world’s Stephen Kings are few and far between, and even a high school dropout knows that most writers are starving artists. I didn’t consider myself an artist, nor was I willing to starve. And I’m…

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What Does Murder Your Darlings Mean?

You need a certain amount of hubris to be a writer.  At least you need some to be the kind of writer who wants other people to read their words. You must believe that you have something to say that others will find useful, informative, provocative, beautiful, thought-provoking, heart-breaking, inspiring, or entertaining.  You have to…

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What is Subtext?

Subtext is something so instrumental in the telling of a well-knit story, and yet it’s also something a lot of authors (and people) simply don’t get. But fortunately, it’s something that can be learned by paying careful attention to the people and world around you.  Let’s start with a definition, then we’ll get into examples…

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