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Book Editors (Everything You Need To Know)

The relationship between an author and their editor can be one of the most important that any writer can cultivate. The book Max Perkins Editor of Genius shows just how important that relationship with an excellent editor has been for authors like Thomas Wolfe, Earnest Hemmingway, and F. Scott Fitzgerald. It can be argued that…

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How to Get (Good) Reviews for Your Book

Every author I know has a love/hate relationship with book reviews.  On the “pro” side, flattering reviews shine a light on what you do right as an author. Writing is a lonely pursuit, and unless you work very differently than I do, nobody’s standing behind you in your office or the coffee shop to cheer…

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Story Writing Prompts (1200+ Ideas!)

Writing is easy when you have inspiration.  Yet without it, the process can feel like a struggle and flow is illusive.  We don’t believe in writer’s block at Sterling & Stone. That doesn’t mean that our authors never hit a wall or run out of ideas or steam. But we’re always able to diagnose the…

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How to Choose a Book Title

You already know that people judge books by their covers.  But they also judge them by their titles. If the cover image piques a reader’s interest, the next thing they will look at is going to be the title. You want your title to perk your reader’s ears (or eyes) long enough to earn a…

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What is Exposition in Story?

Exposition is a comprehensive explanation of an idea or theory. In fiction, exposition usually happens when an author feels the need to break action in order to explain something directly to the reader.  Often this is done by “breaking the frame” as they say in the film industry, which is when either the narrator does…

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pricing your book

How to Price Your Book

So you’ve finished writing your book, added all the formatting bells and whistles, and are now ready to put it up for sale. Congratulations!  But of course, now you’ve got a new quandary:  What price should I sell my book for?  How do I price it to get the very best results? The trick to…

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writing your author bio

A Guide To Writing Your Author Bio

Here it is, your moment of glory. You’ve finished your book, chosen the title, the cover, maybe you’ve even already written the blurb. Now it’s finally time to write your author bio.  Some people dream about this moment their entire lives yet never get to the finish line. Others may write their bio years before…

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How to Get Your Book Published

These articles usually start with something like, You’ve written a book! Now what?  But in truth, lines like that are a bit out of whack. There was a time in which authors wrote first, then tried to sell later, but that time is gone. These days, the publishing world is much different than it used…

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book blurb

How to Write the Blurb for Your Book

So, you finished your book. Congratulations! A little more than half of your work is done.  Now that all the writing and editing are behind you, it’s time to take off your writer’s hat and put on your marketing hat so you can package and prepare your “product” (no, it’s no longer your baby) for…

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Parts of a book

A Guide to the Parts of a Book

People ask us all the time about what should be in a book.  Should I have a table of contents?  Should I have a dedication?  What order should it all go in?  It’s as if there’s some official blueprint out there, ordained by The Institute For Determining Whether Your Book Is Legit Or Just Some…

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