The Story Solution

Do you want to have more direction in your life? Take control of what’s happening and where you want your life to go? Masters of story Sean Platt and Johnny Truant have the answer for you, and it is the answer based entirely in story.

For the last decade, Platt and Truant have been writing and publishing fiction that continues to touch the hearts of readers around the world. They’ve built worlds now inhabited by a dozen authors and created characters that resonate long after the book has been closed. Their coaching, advice, and podcasts have inspired and motivated hundreds of writers and helped dozens find their way to becoming full-time authors. And now with The Story Solution, they bring their storytelling prowess to helping you to figure out what you want from your own, real world life.

The idea is simple: you are the main character of your own story, so why not construct your story the way a writer does?

The Story Solution will show you how!

If you’re ready to take charge of your life the way a writer takes charge of their story, then pick up your copy today.