One-Click Cover

Your cover is more important than your book.

People really do judge books by their covers. If your cover sucks, it won’t matter how great the story is … because nobody will buy your book to read it.

What’s worse, even beautiful covers are sometimes just plain wrong. They’re wrong for the genre, wrong for the story, wrong for the readers you’re hoping to attract. “Wrong” covers sell as poorly as terrible covers.

Don’t count on a pro designer solving your problems, either. Designers are only as good as the author’s ability to convey what their book needs to succeed.

Fortunately, Sterling & Stone’s cover designer Dan Van Oss — with hundreds of bestselling covers to his name — is here to give you the smart author’s recipe for success.

In this book you will learn:

  • Why your cover matters.
  • The design elements that make a cover “one-clickable.”
  • Choosing the best cover designer for you.
  • The language to communicate effectively with your designer so you can create covers that will have your books flying off the virtual shelves.

Plus… dozens of examples so you can see the lessons brought to life.

Your story deserves the best chance you can give it, with a cover that will let it soar. Dan Van Oss is your guide to getting a cover that will be an instant, One-Click buy for your readers.

What Indie Authors are Saying

“Dan Van Oss is not just an incredibly talented cover artist; he’s a true designer, with a deep understanding of genre conventions, composition, and typography. This book is a must-read!”
— Tammi L. Labrecque, author of Newsletter Ninja

“The industry needs this book. By the time you’re finished reading this you should have a rich understanding of what makes a commercial book cover work, and the tools to more effectively communicate your needs for the rest of your authorial life. ”
— Sean M. Platt, author of Write. Publish. Repeat. and The Fiction Formula