Iterate And Optimize

The top-to-bottom guide on sending your creative business’s sales from “Square One” to “Stratosphere.”

Iterate and Optimize is the business expansion guide written for indie authors, but invaluable for creative entrepreneurs in any field.

In Write. Publish. Repeat., bestselling authors Johnny B. Truant, Sean Platt, and David Wright explained how to build a thriving international publishing empire with no luck required. Rather than resting on their laurels, they’ve been constantly improving their once-fledgling business ever since: expanding to eight publishing imprints, ten high-profile podcasts, a coordinated staff working behind the scenes, millions of words published and hundreds of thousands of books in the hands of eager readers.

In Iterate and Optimize, they’re showing you how they took it to the next level — and writing the road map so that you can do it, too.

More than “just another self-publishing guide,” this book delves into the business behind the success of Platt, Truant, and Wright’s company Sterling & Stone, making it the essential how-to manual for anyone building an online career. It explains how to plan for victory right from the get-go, and set yourself up so you can build the career you want.You’ll learn how to evolve from a bare-minimum, viable business into a constantly expanding empire — not with massive, flashy (and risky) moves, but by the sustainable magic of incremental growth: small improvements made consistently over time.

In this book, you’ll learn to better sell your art as the authors explain how to “iterate and optimize” the way you look at:

Exclusive versus “going wide” distribution
International and multi-format sales
Optimizing book covers, descriptions, and metadata to increase conversion
Company organization and outsourcing
Product funnels
Series structure
Networking and in-person meet-ups
Workflow management and systems
The writing and pre-writing process so you can “write better faster”
Social media
Advertising and marketing
And much more!
Every part of your creative business can benefit from the Iterate and Optimize approach. Learn how to apply it from production to personnel, finances to marketing, and everything in between. Whatever you’re in the business of, if you take the right steps, you can do it BETTER, FASTER.

There has never been a “gold rush” or “magic button,” despite the flood of online marketers who want to convince you otherwise. But for those artists who are willing to do the work, there is a path to success. It doesn’t require luck. It only requires two things:Iterate and Optimize.

The longer you wait to read it, the longer it will take to get where you’re trying to go.