How to Write Fast

What if you could make your writing FAST, FUN, and BETTER THAN EVER?

In the indie publishing world of rapid releases and blistering word counts, it’s easy to end up burned out with subpar work, and a loss of the enjoyment that once fueled your craft.

There’s a better way.

In How to Write Fast, Platt and Silver show you how to shift your approach to writing to dramatically increase your natural speed, while tapping into your inner storyteller and unleashing more of the stories you were born to tell.

You will discover:
* How to immediately improve your writing speed.
* Why writing fast will result in better writing.
* How to redesign your writing strategy to promote going faster.
* The five simple hacks Platt, Silver and the entire story studio have used to repeatedly best themselves and move many of them to producing more than a million words a year.
* Mental tricks to bypass your inner editor (and why using them will retrain your brain to write faster, while also creating the cleanest copy you’ve ever created).

Isn’t it time you did more than just write fast? Now you can.

Start writing better words faster today!