Endless Ideas

What if you could generate creative ideas for your writing on demand and never had to stare at a blank screen again?

Books require ideas. From the initial idea for a novel or series, right down to the objects in a scene and words in a sentence. In a single project you may need hundreds or even thousands of ideas. If you rely on lightning to strike or ideas to simply “come to you,” you could be left waiting until they are shoveling in the dirt on top of you.

In Endless Ideas, Platt and Silver show you how to take a methodical approach to ideation and turn on your idea making machine to never run dry or find yourself stuck and banging your head on your desk again.

You will discover:

  • How ideas are formed and the “machinery” behind ideation
  • A clear strategy to develop your creativity and turn on your idea making machine!
  • How to flip from looking for one idea, to generating lots of great ideas for any problem you are stuck on
  • Creating “light bulb” moments on demand
  • How to choose between your ideas and get them to do the most heavy lifting for you
  • How to expand an idea and take it from a tiny grain to fully developed.
  • How to apply ideation in the different areas you will need it most: Books/Series ideas, plot ideas, character ideas, world building ideas, and marketing ideas.

Isn’t it time you turned on your creative machine and had light bulb moments on demand?

Start generating Endless Ideas today!